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Here we try to find links to Art related sites that both kids and parents might enjoy looking at.

Famous Art Galleries

National Gallery of Australia - Here you can find information on events, exhibitions, visiting information, collections, education, library, newsletters and lots more.

Museum of Modern Art - MOMA - dedicated to being the foremost museum of modern art  in the world. You can see online collections, an education section, research resources for students and teachers and publications. You can also find Audio programs and e-cards.

National Gallery London - Houses one of the greatest collections of Western European paintings in world. You can find collections, exhibitions, education, animations and short films. A nice site to look around.

The Louvre - This web site has long been a treasure trove for art lovers - you can find over 35,000 art works and drawings, 150,000 featured works, interactive tools, in-depth cultural and historical analysis, activities and resources.

World Art Galleries - Links to selected major Art Museums/Galleries from countries around the world.


For Kids

Living Colour - from the Australian Museum online -  What Is Colour?, Seeing Colour, Making Colour, Using Colour and Colour Links. This is a good site for kids which is fun, interactive and educational.

Mr Picasso Head - here you can create your own cubist masterpiece - use the canvas and add a choice of  faces, eyes, noses, lips, ears, eyebrows, hair, abstracts and signature - lots of fun!

NGAkids - from the National Gallery of Art Washington, DC - Adventures with Art - Activities and Projects - The Art Zone - interactive art that you can make online.

Scribbler - turn your scribbles into art - lots of fun experimenting with different scribbles.



World Myths and Legends in Art - Throughout history, artists have been inspired by myths and legends and have given them visual form. Sometimes these works of art are the only surviving record of what particular cultures believed and valued.

Destination Modern Art - Join an animated alien on his intergalactic mission - sent to Earth to explore the Museum of Modern Art.

The Art in cARTooning - The goal of this site is to educate individuals about cartoons and the many aspects that make up cartooning. This site was a 2003 Thinkquest Award winner and was done by 10th grade students.

Faces and Figures in Art - Learn to draw and discover the history, interpretation, and techniques involved in drawing figures and portraits. Includes galleries and interactive games and quizzes.



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